The Old English Rose

Reference MBB415198RDL Category Brenda Burke

The rose, a timeless symbol of beauty, love and ephemerality, with its romantic character, is the image that represents 'The Old English Rose' jewellery box, a box that will always be a pleasure to open. "The Old English Rose", an iconic masterpiece that adorns the lid, is the work of artist Brenda Burke, a sensitive artist who sees every aspect of life as a creative challenge and is recognised as a brilliant portrait painter, famous the world over! Masterfully using the ancient art of wood decoration, the Italian masters have inlaid art on each jewellery box to let you know that you have a special place to keep what you love. The Old English Rose jewellery box, made of precious wood and hand-assembled in sunny Italy, where art is an ancient craft, is the must-have accessory on your dressing table or in your dresser drawer.